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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

IFA 2012-Asus uncovers new range of ultrabooks

Asus has unveiled a new ultra-portable laptop along with three innovative systems for the manufacturer’s smartphone offerings.

The fresh ultraportable laptop is the Zenbook U500VZ, which is an Intel i7-driven 15” laptop ideal for both productivity & entertainment motives. Apart from the 3rd-generation Ivy Bridge CPU, the ZenBook U500VZ can store up to 512GB of memory space on a super-swift solid state drive. It also comes with optional discrete Nvidia GeForce GT650M graphics for enhanced performance while gaming & several other video apps.

Asus padfone is also touting the Zenbook U500VZ’s styling. The laptop’s body is made from aluminum with an exclusive ‘spun hairline finish’. The thickness is just 19.7mm. The IPS screen churns out vibrant colors & clear visuals at roughly every angle, with the antiglare panel to minimize reflections in very situations. The full size keypad incorporates a numeric keyboard & a backlight that involuntarily amends its brightness level as per the ambient lighting.

The Taiwanese manufacturer further enlarges its lineup of ultra books with the Zenbook Prime UX21A Touch, their first with a multi-touch screen. It is power-driven by an Ivy Bridge CPU & a 256GB SSD, a HD Super IPS+ plus display with a broad 178 degree viewing angle, & also uses supplementary technologies like USB 3.0 & dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi.

Moving on, we also get to see the new Taichi system. It is Power-driven by an Ivy Bridge CPU, Wi-Fi, etc. But, the show-stealer feature is the double-sided screen, which works similar to a standard ultra book when the cover is open, though becomes a multi-touch slate when it’s closed. Since both screens can work separately & concurrently, two people can operate it at simultaneously.

Rumor-Upcoming Nokia Lumia to sport PureView-powered camera

Apart from its dwindling profits, Nokia has been in limelight for one more reason. The revolutionary PureView technology has been available in the market, but the Symbian OS prevented many consumers from experiencing one. Apparently, this cutting-edge technology is set to make its debut on the Lumia range of smartphones.

Nokia has put all of its eggs in one basket by betting solely on the Windows phone platform, and hasn’t achieved much success yet. Thus, incorporating PureView on Lumia smartphones makes a lot of sense. Moreover, the Finnish telecommunication giant isn’t denying the rumor as well.

Even though there have been arguments concerning the employment of the PureView technology on Windows Phone-based handsets, the European manufacturer has never refuted the possibility of seeing Lumia handset with PureView one day. In addition, the newest tease from them is an pointer for the efforts that have been going on.

Anyway, the only device with this technology is Nokia 808, which has been given the European Mobile Photo Achievement award as well. The basis of the technique that makes it so exhilarating is the height of detailing as well as the convenience of use it fetches in for the shutterbugs.

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Nokia PureView technology employs a 41MP sensor that permits users to click photographs in absolute detailing & depth whilst also permitting them to zoom without losing out of details as happened in other snappers utilized generally by even the top-end smartphones. With the inclusion of PureView technology, the Lumia lineupe of smartphones is certainly going to be hard to beat. What do you think ?

Monday, 22 October 2012

Report-Your Samsung Galaxy S3 might be at risk

Do you possess a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3? Does it have valuable info such as calendar events, contacts, songs, or photographs that you do not have backed-up anywhere else? If this is the case, you might have to shun visiting any sites till you get the latest upgrade from the South Korean mobile phone maker.

A security researcher has disclosed a little ploy that places Samsung Galaxy S3 information at risk. Inserting an uncomplicated 11 digit string of characters & symbols in a web page is sufficient to push a Galaxy S3 unit that visits the site to set on a complete factory reset of the phone. Every contact, image, song, application, & any other data will be deleted.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is running on Android, but allegedly the matter is exclusive to South Korean manufacturer’s TouchWiz UI that it overlies on the core Android operating system. As per the reports, other Samsung phones that utilize the TouchWiz user interface — such as the Galaxy S2 or the Galaxy S—are at risk as well.

As the code has been exposed, it’s being spread online. Attackers can discover what the magic code is very easily, & create malicious sites that can delete data in Samsung smartphones in a moment. Once the code is penetrated, & the remote wipe is released, there is no method to terminate the procedure.

Samsung has come up with a solution in the form of an update. Users can utilize the OTA (over-the-air) update service to use the patch.

source: greatphone

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 deals-The Finnish major is latest bet

lumia 920 conract deals
nokia lumia 920 deals
The latest additions to the Lumia series are finally here. The Nokia Lumia 920 has been uncovered along with its less-powerful the Lumia 820. Remember that it is not their first attempt to break into the smartphone world. The first generation of the lineup received mild response from consumers and critics alike. In addition, Microsoft’s resolution of not granting the Windows Phone 8 to the Lumia first generation generated undesired notoriety for Nokia. Anyway, this was not their fault, but prospective consumers could stay away from the Lumia 920 and 820.

The European telecommunication giant has touted the new Lumia smartphones as the most innovative device in the whole world. Truthfully, these devices are extremely innovative. The Lumia 920 positively takes the Lumia 900 the touch technology a step further. Now, you can operate your smartphone even with your gloves on.

As we expected, the Nokia Lumia 920 arrives with a roughly identical physical design as the Lumia 900. Users are again given the opportunity to pick from different color options, such as sunshine yellow, lipstick red and slate grey.

Even the polycarbonate carcass is still intact. The Lumia 920 possesses a 4.5” PureMotion High Definition Plus screen, with the WXGA resolution (1,280x768 pixels). It comes with a fast refresh rate that gets rid of flickers. At the moment, it would be too early to comment on the screen quality. The panel's new ClearBlack display filter removes the glare to an extent. What more can you ask for!

Success of these handsets depends on the success of the platform itself. As a matter of fact, both of them are interrelated. The new operating system has made many patrons, but the numbers are far below satisfactory levels. But, future is uncertain. Perhaps it will gain some traction in the future.

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Friday, 5 October 2012

How to get Samsung Galaxy S3 with free gifts ?

If you are searching for a mobile phone deal for Samsung galaxy S3, you’re not alone. This superb device has got many admirers, and all of them search for an affordable way to get it. That’s why the role of mobile comparison portals is so crucial. A comparison portal can make things a lot easy for you. All the best deals on your favorite handsets are available on such sites.

Users can compare different Samsung Galaxy S3 deals to find the best one for them.  Getting the best one gets easier thanks to their easy-to-use interface. Users can refine their searches as well. Hence, users will get to know about all the deals in clear and simple terms. For example, if you desire to know about deals available with Vodafone, simply select the network operator from the dialog given at the top of the page. Such interface has become a norm in all comparison portals. The intuitive UI is the reason why consumers are flocking to these portals.

Mobile phone deals are available in different categories, but contracts usually get the most limelight. The reason is the provision of free gifts. If you also desire to get a free gift with Samsung Galaxy S3 deals. Apart from a tempting free gift, you will also get free minutes, text messages, and even some free data usage.  The list of free gifts includes LCD TVs, digital cameras, camcorders, gaming consoles, headphones, tablet computers, laptops, and much more. Once again, you can select any freebie from the dialog box given at the pinnacle of the page. Unfortunately, SIM-free and pay as you go deals don’t offer the privilege of owning a free gift. So, next time you start searching for a mobile phone deal, end your search on contract only.  Don’t think much. Get going now!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

HTC One X deals-Cutting-edge technology on display

HTC is pinning a lot of hopes in the “One” series, and the high-end One X carries the biggest baggage of hopes. One more thing to note is that the Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer is investing only on three handsets to make a mark, which is quite opposite to their earlier strategy. The top-of-the line HTC One X flaunts a mammoth-size 4.7” High-Definition display, 8 MP snapper and the mighty quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU.

The design is disappointing, but the handset is not ugly either. The HTC One X is not a hideous smartphone. The clean general styling appears astonishing & definitely surpasses the latest Sony Xperia S. But, we are in love with the designof the Lumia 800 which appears to be the most beautiful device in the market. if you want to buy the One X then prefer the white version over others.

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Design is not, though, the only part where the HTC One X disappoints. For instance, the rear is not removable thus users can't conveniently swop the battery. After that there is the absence of expandable storage capacity – users get 32 GB in-built memory, which ought to be ample, however some of you will still wish for the facility of including in an micro SD card to their smartphone.

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Monday, 1 October 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to battle Galaxy S3 ?

Samsung Galaxy S3 is performing extremely with sales, totaling up to 10million units retailed till now & this makes up for approximately 190,000 Galaxy S3’s retailed every day. The Samsung Galaxy Note performed incredibly well & with the Galaxy Note 2 around the corner fetches us to the obvious question, “How this phablet will fare against Samsung Galaxy S3?”

Benchmarks have surfaced online for the Galaxy Note 2 contract, & it has been stated to be swifter in comparison with the Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S3 comes clocked at 1.4GHz with the quad-core Exynos 4412 CPU with Mali-400 graphics; however the Galaxy Note 2 will supposedly come clocked at 1.6GHz. The bewildering fact is that the display resolution for the Note 2 is believed to be 1280×720 pixels, & the precursor is 1280×800.

The phablet will apparently run Android v4.0.4 ICS, however some sources have e-mailed us saying it will launch with Android Jelly Bean. In addition, the device is probable to come with a HD Super AMOLED plus screen with a standard RGB matrix. However, you should wait for the official announcement.

Display sizes are unquestionably getting larger; the iPhone 4S sports a 3.5” screen, HTC Desire HD with a 4.3-inch screen, the Samsung Galaxy S3 sports an enormous 4.8-inch screen, & the original Note astonished everyone with an incredible 5.3” screen. The second installment in the lineup is expected to further raise the bar by coming with an even bigger screen.  We are not sure how many of you would like to purchase a device with such dimensions.