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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Three Sony smartphones that are knocking-off the competition

If you are searching for a smartphone with the front saying Sony, we have picked three beautiful devices from the house of the Japanese mobile manufacturer just for you.

Sony Xperia Go:

The 3.5-incher Xperia Go is relatively new in the UK mobile phone market, and claims to be one of the sturdiest devices out there. The water-proof design does not stop it from looking like a product just out of the Xperia family. A 1GHz dual core CPU pumps-up the device, ensuring smooth and swift performance.

The 5 MP snapper is the primary shooter here. Sadly, this device is stuck with the obsolete Android Gingerbread operating system, but hopefully it will get the Ice Cream Sandwich flavor soon.

Sony Xperia Miro:

Sony Xperia Miro shares its framework with the Xperia Go, but with a few downgrades. The handset’s a 3.5” Android ICS mobile, incorporating a 5 MP snapper similar to the Xperia Go, although the single core 800MHz CPU is disappointing. Anyway, the handset’s sensibly sleek & feels light in the hand. It will hit the market shelves sometime later in this quarter.

Xperia Tipo:

Sony Xperia Tipo is for first time smartphone buyers, and delivers basic performance with a user-friendly interface & an affordable price. Similar to the Xperia Miro, there is a single-core 800 MHz CPU, a saddening 3.2” touchscreen and a 3.2MP snapper. In addition, a particular dual-SIM edition of the smartphone will also be obtainable, if you desire to use only one handset for both home & work.

We like the rounded layout, which is clearly opposite to the rectangular finishing of majority of Xperia smartphones. It will arrive in red, white, black & blue color options. Similar to the Xperia Miro, this handset will come in Q3 this year.

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