Samsung Galaxy S4

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cheapest iPhone plan: choose best one contract

Apple iPhone smartphones have been forever a luxurious product, and availability of cheapest iPhone plans has made very convenient for users to purchase one of the many Apple iPhone versions available in the market.

Cheapest iPhone plan  can be anything may it be contract plan or a pay as you go deal selection is of the user & even the deals offer lots of free gifts and incentives. This freedom has been made possible due to the friendly service providers that are T mobile, Three, Vodafone, Virgin, O2, Orange & T mobile. And all of these are like a temptation to lure customers to buy these mobile plans.

Apple iPhones contract deals are accessible in all the present versions released by Apple that is iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS & the iPhone 5. You must already know that these mobile plans offer inexpensive rates for web access, calls & texts. All combining together makes these mobile plans & the handsets higher value & both with the aid of each other are capable to increase high in the marketplace & prove its worth. In the case of Apple iPhone versions the plans are as refreshing since the technology of this smartphone.

Cheapest iPhone plan offer free gifts joined to these deals that are very appealing, like cash back offers accompanies several plans, then is the free connection & in the end are laptops & LCD televisions if users want them.

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 white deals

Samsung Galaxy S4 white
Samsung Galaxy S4 is the lineup that every tech buff is aware of. The Galaxy series has a fourth member by the name of the Galaxy S4. It brings with it a lot of new innovative attributes. But Samsung is apparently going the Apple way by offering an incremental update. The S4 comes with a bigger screen than its predecessor, which is 5inches.

But there are a few changes, and most of them are pretty cosmetic changes. It is time we discuss them. These clever updates will offers users a lot to talk about innovation.

For example, the lock screen does not offer the water rippling, though does register finger from up to two centimeters away, and a tiny beam of light will go after users digit as they unlock this device. It is something you will certainly play with for a very long time.

It is clear with the Galaxy S4 that the South Korean mobile phone maker has worked out there is mere too much it can perform on the hardware department these days not to state that we are very astonished with the features list and as such has strived to fetch the unique flavor through the user interface instead. There are many such small buy great enhancements in the complete package.

Samsung Galaxy S4 white deals are available with all the leading service providers in the United Kingdom mobile phone market, such as Vodafone, Three, T mobile, etc. You can easily one with the assistance of a mobile comparison portal.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

You cannot afford to miss these white smartphone O2 deals

If you are planning to purchase a handset with white color body, you have landed on the exactly right place. Here you can see some latest white colored smartphones:

Samsung Galaxy S4 White:
Does this handset really need another introduction? It is the successor to the highly successful S3 in the Galaxy S lineup. And a handset of this prowess does not need any color to succeed. But the white color is like an added incentive for users.
And if you happen to be a guy who talks a lot on your handset then a contract deal with unlimited calling would be nice for you. You can get this deal with O2, and it requires £37 monthly fee for 24 months.

Apple iPhone 5 white:

Apple iPhone 5 white is the newest generation of iPhones. At last the screen size has been increased to reach 4inches. There is one more row of applications for users. Here again O2 offers unlimited minutes if you agree to pay £37 for 24 consecutive months.

BlackBerry Z10 white:
BlackBerry Z10 white is the latest from the house of the Canadian mobile phone maker. BlackBerry has offered a fresh operating system and the handset colored in white offers an opportunity to use the new operating system.

If you are a heavy texter then O2 offers a contract deal where you get unlimited text messages. The monthly rental is £26 for 2 years.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 white:

The Note series is simply fantabulous. It is a huge handset for users who desire a handset with insane screen size. You get a 5.5inches screen, which is great for surfing the Internet and of course playing games. O2 offers a contract on this handset which offers unlimited minutes. You have to pay £37 for the deal.

Sony Xperia Z white:
Sony is back in the game. The Xperia Z is water proof and dust proof. It is the current flagship model of the Japanese mobile phone maker. O2 offers a contract deal on this handset where you get 9999 minutes. The monthly rental is £26.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

HTC M4: HTC first without the Facebook Home user interface coming soon to the market

Facebook has uncovered its fresh Home software & the first smartphone to come with this launcher right out of the box is the HTC First on AT&T. If you desire a similar phone without Facebook home & with few of the attributes in the HTC One, then you could be satisfied with the expected HTC M4.

The ongoing rumors stated that the smartphone will flaunt a 4.3inches screen with an 800 x 480 pixels resolution (that is a lesser resolution in comparison with the 720p screen on the First), a 1.2 GHz dual core central processing unit & Android v4.1. Some rumors claimed on Friday that the HTC M4 will release with basically the similar features set as the fresh HTC First though with HTC Sense & an ultra pixel snapper in the place of Facebook Home & a 5 megapixel snapper. To be quite fair, gossips has it you will be able to switch off Facebook Home on the HTC First as well.

The official naming & a release is still a mystery, however.

Many of you would have been tempted by the HTC First as well. The HTC First offers something unique and exceptional for social networking buffs that no other handset can do.  Most handsets rely on an user interface which puts emphasis on the most used applications and widgets. But in the Facebook Home powered HTC First your social networking habits are given preference. And applications are given second preference.

Truthfully the handset could be loved by many users who are getting ready to buy a mid range handset, but they would love to miss the Facebook Home launcher. For them, HTC has decided to offer a smartphone without the launcher.

So guys, what do you think about the new handset? Express your views through the comments section given below.

Friday, 5 April 2013

HTC First: Is it just another Facebook centric handset?

The HTC First is developed with the usual HTC quality, and that is to claim that it is very nice. There is no discussion on features since it was not discussed in the presentation. But, the features are present on the Internet.  There are not many shocks in the hardware department since the HTC First is certainly a mid range piece of hardware.  The HTC First sports a 1280 x 720 4.3inch screen makes the thingy fit very greatly in the hand.  Shape wise, it is same to the initial generation of iPhone.

Under the hood it is a dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.4GHz central processing unit. And giving out the power is a 2,000mAh battery. The main snapper is a 5 MP one accompanied by LED flash. There is 1 GB of RAM & 16GB of memory space & there is no micro SD space available in the handset. Beneath the baked in Facebook Home experience is the stock Android v4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. The screen is 720p, the pictures & colors on the smartphone are clear & vivid. The front viewing snapper is 1.6MP.

For Instagram patrons, the application is also built in. Facebook Home is indeed the top layer, but the remaining of the Google & Android operating systems runs without any troubles. Notifications emerge as horizontally oriented cards, and they can be swiped away in a alike style to web operating system notifications of yore.

the HTC First is not ground breaking, though for its social centric goal it does not require to be.  The Facebook Home experience is so smooth & there are no signs of any lag.  At $99.99 on AT&T the mid range phone is within reach of users that are social networking buffs & cherish Facebook.

So guys, are you going to get the HTC first?

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Report: Sony Xperia P to get the Android Jelly Bean flavor

If you happen to own the Sony Xperia P then we have great news for you. It is about the Android Jelly Bean v4.1.2 upgrade for the handset. Rumors show the official launch of Android Jelly Bean for the smartphone as a sneak preview of a screenshot showing the operating system working on the handset has surfaced online. It now appears to be Android v4.1.2. But please remember that this is still a work in development & therefore is unfinished though workable.

 A few days back the screenshot displayed the build number of 6.2.X.X.XXX & kernel edition is 3.0.8. The Jelly Bean that is leaked is build number 6.2.A.0.399 with kernel variant 3.0.8+ & it was developed to check developer units of the handset though it has been discovered to run on typical production units.

It should be remembered that since this update is not finished, not all the things will work fairly as it must & there are several elements absent as users would anticipate. The Jelly Bean firmware 6.2.A.0.399 is marked merely for developers & is following the sneak preview. It is for the Xperia P (LT22i) & the developer DooMLoRD is also mentioning that as this firmware is for internal testing, and some attributes could be missing or might have been included by the time of the authorized final launch.

So guys, if you own Sony Xperia P then get ready for Android Jelly Bean flavor on your Android.