Samsung Galaxy S4

Sunday, 7 April 2013

You cannot afford to miss these white smartphone O2 deals

If you are planning to purchase a handset with white color body, you have landed on the exactly right place. Here you can see some latest white colored smartphones:

Samsung Galaxy S4 White:
Does this handset really need another introduction? It is the successor to the highly successful S3 in the Galaxy S lineup. And a handset of this prowess does not need any color to succeed. But the white color is like an added incentive for users.
And if you happen to be a guy who talks a lot on your handset then a contract deal with unlimited calling would be nice for you. You can get this deal with O2, and it requires £37 monthly fee for 24 months.

Apple iPhone 5 white:

Apple iPhone 5 white is the newest generation of iPhones. At last the screen size has been increased to reach 4inches. There is one more row of applications for users. Here again O2 offers unlimited minutes if you agree to pay £37 for 24 consecutive months.

BlackBerry Z10 white:
BlackBerry Z10 white is the latest from the house of the Canadian mobile phone maker. BlackBerry has offered a fresh operating system and the handset colored in white offers an opportunity to use the new operating system.

If you are a heavy texter then O2 offers a contract deal where you get unlimited text messages. The monthly rental is £26 for 2 years.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 white:

The Note series is simply fantabulous. It is a huge handset for users who desire a handset with insane screen size. You get a 5.5inches screen, which is great for surfing the Internet and of course playing games. O2 offers a contract on this handset which offers unlimited minutes. You have to pay £37 for the deal.

Sony Xperia Z white:
Sony is back in the game. The Xperia Z is water proof and dust proof. It is the current flagship model of the Japanese mobile phone maker. O2 offers a contract deal on this handset where you get 9999 minutes. The monthly rental is £26.

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