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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Tips and tricks to get the best from your iPad Mini

Here we are with some more ways to help you have a enjoyable experience with your iPad mini .
Switch off Push/fetch e mail:
A huge offender of striving to connect with the Internet when you are not actually accessing the Internet is e mail. Getting swift email notifications is

helpful, though it consumes a lot of battery. There are two methods to get the email updates, fetch & push. Push automatically transfers the data from the

server to users tablet the moment it came for instant upgrades. Fetch makes the slate search for the data frequently. Users can select from 15, 30 & 60

minutes, or decide to merely search for data manually.

How to set a password:
Apple iPad does not put forward several security measures right out of the box, though users can set a pass code, which means that a four number code

needs to be entered each time the thingy gets locked, or once this tablet has been inactive for a sure duration (around four hours). Users can also make the

tablet to totally format itself once the pass code has been wrongly entered ten times. These options are present in Settings > General, beneath Passcode


Switch off location services:
 Everyone knows that your location is one of the major lawful paranoid issues of the modern technology era. Abundance of iPad mini applications pinpoints

users to a location, & will also makes it public information several times. Users can switch this attribute off if they are anxious, within Settings >

Privacy. Users will witness the Location Services facilities at the top of the sub menu.

Alerts and notifications:
If you think that your tablet computer is troubling you a tad too much, you can switch off notifications for some applications. It will be very helpful if

you like free to play games which are usually nonstop naggers.

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